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What is Martin Tech Labs?

MTL is a Fractional CTO service led by Stephen Martin, leveraging his broad experience from startups to tech giants. Noted for building and managing large engineering teams, Stephen's contributions have resulted in millions in revenue growth. His expertise extends across e-commerce, machine learning, fintech, consumer apps, and recruiting.

Stephen Martin

My Services

Prototyping and Green-field Projects

Transition your idea into a functional product. We facilitate the development of MVPs using the latest technologies, assisting you in validating your business idea.

Building an Effective Team

A successful project relies on a competent and motivated team. We can support your ongoing project by building a skilled team around it, aiming for consistent delivery and a high standard of quality.

Scaling Your Organization

We can help you transform your current group into an efficient organization. We offer strategic guidance and practical solutions to ensure your technology group scales effectively and sustainably.


About Stephen Martin

Stephen Martin is a seasoned technology professional with a proven track record at industry giants such as CashApp (a.k.a. Block), Amazon, and Twitter. His core expertise lies in software development and engineering management, where he has consistently demonstrated his knack for solving complex technical problems.

Over the years, Stephen has showcased his technical prowess and evolved as an effective leader. He has successfully led high-performing teams, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and excellence. His management style focuses on metrics and has allowed him to create high-performance organizations that are successful and conducive to growth and learning.

Stephen's ability to bridge the gap between technology and business needs has been a critical factor in his successful career. His insights into the tech industry, coupled with his continuous pursuit of knowledge and staying abreast of the latest trends, make him a highly valued asset in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Stephen received a Bachelor of Science from MIT and a Master of Science from CMU.

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